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Become the game controller in an immersive and interactive world while you train, get coached, compete, gather realtime stats, and more. Forget boring swim workouts forever!

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Built by Olympians

Freestyle leverages the knowledge of world record holders and Olympic caliber coaches

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We believe everyone should swim 

Water workouts are the best activity for you mentally and physically

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About the Freestyle Technology

Powered by Olympians and world class designers, Freestyle's unprecedented computer vision and projection mapping technology transforms any pool environment into an interactive and immersive one. Get realtime stats while you swim. Train amongst whales, fly over Norwegian waterfalls or glide through otherworldly planets while actively gathering data.  Perfect your stroke with a digital "coach" and build the right muscle memory, or relax and watch and listen to TV while you workout.

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A Swim Like No Other

Digital Coach

Practice alongside a digital helper

Magical Worlds

Swim in places you've dreamed of 

Listen to Music

Hear music underwater while you swim

Virtual training partner

Never feel like you're swimming along

Gather Metrics

Live data reports workout insights

Digital Mirror

Watch your stroke from 6 angles in realtime

Watch TV

Catch up on the latest episodes and movies

Record Sessions

View and share post swims footage 

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I loved the realtime metrics. How many yards and calories I earned pushed me further. Plus now I know my distance per stroke.

- Rachel Y.


Perfect tool for helping build the right muscle memory. I'm a better triathlete because Freestyle helped me extend my reach.

David P.


This makes me want to swim more and for longer. I just loved being with whales in a virtual world, it's my childhood dream come true.

Stacy S.

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Just imagine...

Becoming a better swimmer, without the boredom of endless laps 

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All skillsets welcome!

If you're comfortable with the water you can swim Freestyle for as long or as little as you like. It's all about fun exercise and training. Freestyle helps you become a better swimmer while having a great time.

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